The CUPID online slots

It was released on Valentine’s Day 2021 – you can’t make this up – and it has already won over many players. At the heart of this slot is Cupid, who promises you luck and wealth. In a romantic universe, the symbols of the dove, the rose (without forgetting the inevitable Cupid) are the master… Continue reading The CUPID online slots

What is craps?

Like many casino games, Craps was invented centuries ago in Europe. This game of chance, which is played primarily with dice, has rules that may seem complex at first glance, but in reality allow the player to implement various strategies in order to win the game. Indeed, the decisive element in a game of craps… Continue reading What is craps?

The most rockin’ slot machines on the web

There’s an invisible link between the brimstone of rock and the dark rooms of Vegas and Atlanta. Gaming software publishers visit every theme and slot machines featuring the biggest bands are legion. Rock’n’roll is not spared and there are Tribute Slots of the greatest rock bands.  We often find NetEnt, which is powerful enough to… Continue reading The most rockin’ slot machines on the web

What is variance in sports betting?

Definition of variance in sports betting The variance is a statistical concept, which allows to calculate the dispersion of the average deviation from the expectation. In other words, assuming you are betting value bets, the variance in sports betting is the average difference between your expected and actual winnings. In sports betting, when you bet… Continue reading What is variance in sports betting?

Why play free slots?

For slot fans who want to play just for fun and enjoy the fun aspect of these casino games, free slots are the ideal option. Unlike real money play, this mode requires no deposit before you can enjoy the fun. This means you can play slots for fun, without the risk of losing money on… Continue reading Why play free slots?

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